Greetings and welcome to the first cryptex medical news letter. We will be publishing a copy once a month and hope that you will find it both interesting and informative.

A Brief Overview

Cryptex medical systems provides electronic practice management solutions to the medical industry. Be it our digital calendars and patient reminder systems, our advanced clinical, note and scripting systems or our real time billing system, we strive to improve the doctor patient relationship through our electronic systems.


We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Mediswitch as our primary switching company. After many months of hard work and co-operation we have developed a cutting edge real time, medical aid billing system and we were excited to take it to market 9 months ago. We have had 9 months of smooth billing operations.


Cryptex Clients

In this section we highlight one of Cryptex Medical Systems clients that shares our vision of improving the doctor patient relationship and is taking active steps in this regards.

Core Medical Center


Core Medical Centre has recently turned one year old and is a textbook example of a modern medical practice embracing technology in all aspects of their practice. With the vision of Clinton Grobbelaar at the helm they operate a paper light office environment. All bookings and calendars are handled electronically and all patients get a email or SMS confirming their appointment as well as a reminder email on the day. The email contain information about the time and even a directional map for new patients. If you are looking for a medical practitioner in Durban North be sure to give Kalisha ( practice manager ) and her team a call. They can be contacted on 087 700 4800 or you can visit their website for further details.

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